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A 17-year-old girl from Smithfield, Virginia brings the judges to their feet after her performance during the season premiere of "The Voice". Bria Kelly got a standing ovation, and all four judges to turn their chairs webbased internet email link

The US 1851 Three Cent Washington

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Our Digital Library features, Specialized Collections: 1851 3 Washington Issue, postal artifacts and VA postcards.
History: Civil War 150 years project.
What is next for American spacecraft, download NASA information about the last space shuttle mission and Orion our next  generation of spacecraft.

Veteran disabilities on the rise due to prolonged war, and they have earned every dime we spend. Keep pressure on congress for VET benefits!


The Peacemaker - Our Richard Nixon fan site.
Promises Kept - President Obama's first two years in office, read the report.
  Our Freedom is not free. ... Today take time and thank our disabled vets.
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The Voice
Bria Kelly from Smithfield VA, sings on the Voice.


Richmond Triple Overpass

Richmond VA- triple train overpass


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